25mm Fantasy Villagers, various brands including Citadel

I’m not sure on the brands of the first 4 miniatures (going left to right) but the last on the right is a Citadel Shop Keeper from the [...]

Torch Bearer Halfling, Grenadier Hireling Crew

Torch Bearer Halfling miniature from Grenadier Dragon Lords range, code 2004, although this miniature featured in the earlier AD&D boxse [...]

Update: Finished log pile terrain for rural D&D encounter

You may have seen my post on my log pile terrain for an upcoming rural encounter. Here, I thought I’d show you the finished pieces tha [...]

Drumbo Stockfettler, Grenadier Dwarf Warrior

Fantastic character piece from Julie Guthrie, forming just one member of the Dungeon Party Boxset from Grenadier. The complete character box [...]

Help me identify: Ral Partha “true” 25mm Paladin

I’ve not been able to identify this miniature yet. It’s a “true” 25mm and is very delicate (the sword was bent almos [...]

Citadel pre-slotta Dwarf King 1982

So this is one I got in a job lot off eBay. I didn’t know what it was until a friend of mine showed me this link, but apparently, this [...]

Highland Cattle miniatures from Gripping Beast

As far as I know, these miniature livestock are made by Gripping Beast although I got these in an eBay bundle. They scale very nicely agains [...]

Dharzi Hunting Dog miniature and Orc Supply Cart from Grenadier

This is the Grenadier Fantasy Lords Orc Supply Cart. I needed a cart for an encounter, and found this minus the wheels and driver on eBay fo [...]

Campaign update #2 a Ghoul, more rats and a farm to protect

In tonight’s game, the PC party encountered a Ghoul deep within a ruined tower. Then, following a secret passage, they had to survive [...]

Gone but not forgotten: Reaper Warlord Minotaur

Now long gone, this was one of the last miniatures I painted before the hiatus. In many ways I’m sad to have parted with such a fantas [...]

DIY gelatinous cube miniature for D&D 5e

I’d watched this video about making a home made gelatinous cube from silicone. I gave it a go, and wasn’t pleased with the resul [...]

Giant Rats at the Ruined Tower

In our last session, the party traveled through the woods to investigate a ruined tower at the request of the village Patriarch. Upon arriva [...]
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