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DIY gelatinous cube miniature for D&D 5e

I’d watched this video about making a home made gelatinous cube from silicone.

I gave it a go, and wasn’t pleased with the results I (personally) was able to achieve. It’s not at all the method, which I think is sound, but I wanted to make something more “cube” and less “blobby”.

This is what I came up with – an almost perfect cube with a few swirls that give it the impression of movement, advancing towards its prey!

Gelatinous cube miniature home made

My gelatinous cube, made from silicone mastic in a cardboard mold.

To make your own DIY gelatinous cube for your Dungeons and Dragons games, you’ll need:

  • 1 thin polythene bag (I used one of a 100 pack of nappy sacks from Tesco, which retailed at 30p at the time of purchase)
  • Some cheap duck tape
  • Clear framing silicone mastic (purchased from Homebase)
  • Mastic sealant gun (purchased from B&Q, but available in Poundland)
  • corrugated cardboard


  1. Build a mold from four pieces of cardboard. Make it taller than you want the cube to be. I cut slits in each piece and slid them together
  2. Tape across the surface of your work surface (e.g. a cutting mat) and then tape the mold to the work surface.
  3. Tape the polythene bag to the inside of the mold. The silicone will dry against, but not stick to the bag
  4. fill the bag full of the silicone mastic, pushing down with a flat piece of square card covered in tape to compress it.
  5. Leave for 24 – 48 hours and then remove from mold.


  • You might try making this with white acrylic if you’d like to paint the model once dry
  • You could mix inks in with the silicone for streaks of colour
  • You can sink figures or weaponry into the silicone to make it look like the cube has been feeding
  • you could make a smaller cube for the inside of the mold so that a recess is created, allowing for the gelatinous cube to sit on top of miniatures.

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