Campaign update #2 a Ghoul, more rats and a farm to protect

D&D ghoul fight dungeon

D&D ghoul fight in ruined tower dungeon

In tonight’s game, the PC party encountered a Ghoul deep within a ruined tower.

Then, following a secret passage, they had to survive a swarm of giant rats.

Warwick splats rats in a secret passage, using his warhammer.

Warwick splats rats in a secret passage, using his Warhammer.

And emerged later┬ánear a farmstead, where the owners begged for help at against an unknown enemy (clue: it wasn’t rats!). The party split up, and took position as sun fell. At midnight three Wyvernlings attacked the barn where the cows slept, killing a calf before being decimated by Warwick and his hammer, allowing our heros to return home the next morning victorious!

Protect The Farm D&D encounter

D&D farmstead scene




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