Giant Rats at the Ruined Tower

ruined tower encounter d&d giant rat attack

A giant rat attacks Niles the theif at the entrance to the ruined tower whilst the others were preoccupied

In our last session, the party traveled through the woods to investigate a ruined tower at the request of the village Patriarch.

Upon arrival, the Cleric, Fighter and Dwarf discussed a plan of action whilst Niles the theif had a quick look around the ruined entrance.

Knocking over some loose stone work, Niles caught the attention of a giant rat that attacked instantly!

It was soon followed by some of its friends:

d&d giant rats attack

More giant rats swarm to the injured thief, attacking the party without hesitation

The tower entrance was made with cake tiers from the market (although you can get them here). they were glued to thin ply, and then a 3mm thick layer of Poundland multi-purpose, ready mix filler was applied to the base. Into this, I used a 1″ square plastic lid from a cocktail stick packet to mark out paving slabs, further detail was added as it started to harden. Small stones and gravel were added to give different levels of texture and it was then painted up with cheap post paints after priming. Finishing touches include off patches of static grass, and some clump-bushes normally used for model railway.

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