PC Party Assemble!

hero party miniatures from midlam cleric fighter dwarf

Hero party miniatures made up of fantasy characters from Midlam Miniatures – a Cleric, Fighter and Dwarf

Since our children were born free time has been sparse so we’ve stuck with self-contained board games, which generally require no preparation and can be set up, played and put away at any time. Then recently, a dear friend gifted me the Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopedia and this encouraged me to get back into miniatures gaming, which is a little easier now the kids are older!

I’m DM’ing my first campaign, and painted up some miniatures from Midlam Miniatures for my group’s characters. They are:

Warwick, the Dwarf

Diego, the Cleric

And the yet to reveal their true name “Female Fighter

These are the first figures I’ve painted in some years, and used a handful of sample Airfix paints that I had lying around in order to get them done. I might re-paint in the future.

I’d like to get a few better pictures up, and will update the blog now and then with updates on the adventure.

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