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Gone but not forgotten: Reaper Warlord Minotaur

Now long gone, this was one of the last miniatures I painted before the hiatus. In many ways I’m sad to have parted with such a fantas [...]

Ghoul / Ghast from Reaper “Bones” plastic range

My first go at Reaper “Bones” plastics and I’m really impressed. The detail isn’t bad, just the right level for gami [...]

Skeleton Mage from Midlam Miniatures

I was inspired by Matt’s video on the Undead in 5e D&D and so decided that my skeletons wouldn’t be limited to the remains o [...]

Necromancer 01-066, Ral Partha Personalities & Things that go Bump in the Night

Necromancer 1 (of three) from Ral Partha Personalities and Things that Go Bump in the Night range. The line number is 01-066. I’ve pai [...]

Duck with Oboe, Rapier Miniatures

The first new miniatures I’ve bought in a long time, this struck me as an excellent miniature to represent some sort of comic relief s [...]

Cleric Companion Miniature, Grenadier Fantasy Warriors 902

  “Cleric Companion” miniature from Grenadier Fantasy Warriors range, code 902. Painted with Citadel and Coat D’arms [...]
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