Collecting Fantasy Miniatures

Hello and welcome to my blog about new and vintage miniatures for war-games and fantasy role-playing games (RPGs).

I started painting miniatures as a child (almost exclusively Ral Partha and Citadel) and carried on through my teen years, eventually amassing a large collection of Reaper miniatures for use in HeroQuest style RPG / Board Game hybrids that I was running for children at a local school.

Then one day I parted with the entire collection so I could focus on moving house, attending university, starting a family and running a successful business.

Now my children are older, and my work life more stable, I’m able to put time back into gaming again, and so I decided to collect as many of the vintage miniatures I’d grown up with as possible, ready for an epic D&D campaign I’ll run for my family and friends.

On this blog, I’ll be posting about:

I may expand into tutorials when I can add value, otherwise I’ll link to any tutorials I’ve followed in order to create something.

There are also pages that I’ll evolve as resource lists for others who might want to get a hold of rarer miniatures.

I do not do commissions (I have done in the past and don’t feel I’m anywhere close to being “up to speed” again, or anywhere close to the standard nowadays).

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