help me identify

Help me identify: 25mm Paladin

ral partha paladin vintage pre-slotta unknown

NOT Ral Partha 25mm Paladin – 70s vintage pre-slotta

I’ve not been able to identify this miniature yet.

Update: I have identified it, after no success on various facebook groups, by pure chance. Read about it here:

It’s a “true” 25mm and is very delicate (the sword was bent almost all the way over when I received it in an eBay bundle.

The miniature resembles a Greek or Spartan soldier, but has the classic Paladin “wings” on the helmet.

The date I’m sure was around 1976, although in my haste to start painting things, I glued it onto a penny-base and so it’s lost forever now.

Anyone out there know who or what this might be? Let me know in the comments and I’ll write up a post to thank you.


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