25mm Fantasy Villagers, various brands including Citadel

assorted 25mm villagers, including the Citadel Shop Keeper

assorted 25mm villagers, including the Citadel Shop Keeper

I’m not sure on the brands of the first 4 miniatures (going left to right) but the last on the right is a Citadel Shop Keeper from the fantasy specials range.

I like to downplay the skin tones on generic villagers, giving them a drab, dirty look. And keeping their clothing various shades of brown. It helps contrast them against the player characters and any important NPCs, and also helps reinforce the feudal setting.

They were based on pennies, with cork shavings applied, except the Citadel shop keeper who I’ve had longer, and so was based with gravel before painting.

The five characters above were used as hirelings in our most recent campaign encounter, manning a ballista whilst the heroes dived into melee combat.

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