Citadel pre-slotta Dwarf King 1982

citadel specialty set 2 dwarf king pre slotta 1982

Citadel Specialty Set 2 Dwarf King Dumin Ironbeard, pre slotta 1982

So this is one I got in a job lot off eBay. I didn’t know what it was until a friend of mine showed me this link, but apparently, this is a particularly popular miniature from a very collectible set.

The Dwarf King doesn’t scale well against my other Ral Partha Dwarves, or any of the really early “true” 25mm miniatures, towering over a couple of them. But fits in nicely with the handful of Grenadier Dwarves I own.

The casting is nice, with some fine detail in the right places. The miniature I got had a few layers of paint that needed to be stripped away before it was ready to paint.

I painted this in Coat D’arms paints, mixing the purple from scratch. At the time of painting, I didn’t have any flocking so bases were all painted black, before varnishing the whole model by hand using a pot of Citadel ‘ardcoat.

back of citadel specialty set 2 dwarf king pre slotta 1982

King Dumin Ironbeard, Dwarf King!

Find out more about the Dwarf King (and his court) here.


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