Citadel RuneQuest Knight Smiting Broo

Attack of the Broo, Knight Smiting Broo Pre-Slotta Citadel

Attack of the Broo, Knight Smiting Broo from Citadel

This was a quick paint job on the “Knight smiting Broo” miniature from Citadel’s RuneQuest boxset.

Undercoated with a black spray and dry-brushed up in metallic silver Citadel paint, the armour was then highlighted in a silver-white mix before details like the laurels and swan were painted in. Lastly, the shield was painted with the Tiwaz (warrior) Rune, and finally the base was covered in cork shavings to give the impression of autumnal leaves.

Great miniature, and I have the “Smitten Broo” to go with it.

For those of you unfamiliar with RuneQuest, the Broo were goat-headed beastman creatures spawned from a vain and vengeful goddess if I recall correctly. Unfortunately, I parted with my original (mint) RuneQuest boxset about 6 years ago in a moment of insanity.

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