Highland Cattle miniatures from Gripping Beast

highland cattle miniatures 28mm

highland cattle miniatures in 28mm scale

As far as I know, these miniature livestock are made by Gripping Beast although I got these in an eBay bundle.

They scale very nicely against 28mm, have adequate detail for gaming and the castings are nice with next to no mold lines to clean up.

I painted these with Citadel paints, undercoating in black, first coat in a dark brown, and dry brushing up a single highlight in a brown-cream mix with a touch of red. The miniatures were then given a very heavy yellow ink wash, whilst the horns were given a single coat of cream, and hand-painted with gloss varnish. They were finished with static grass on the base, and varnished with a 5 year old tin of purity seal.

I’m pleased with the result, and we used them in our most recent game night, the heroes had to protect the livestock from a Wyvern attack. Unfortunately, the poor baby cow was eaten.

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